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Celeste Sterling specializes in estate silver & pattern matching

My love of old silver flatware has its origins in my family history.

Celeste Sterling Silver flatware Table Setting


I recall the wonder of mama’s dining room table. She marked every occasion by dressing the table with a fantasy of flowers, linens and, of course, sterling silver flatware. There’s nothing more beautiful than the glow of sterling silver tableware in candlelight.


Now when I hold a serving spoon in my hand that my great-grandmother used on her table, I feel my connections to the past come alive. And when I think about my own children someday setting their tables with the same pieces of silver flatware, I sense the wonder of family lines stretching into the future.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the glow of pattern matching sterling silver in candlelight.

I hope that, through Celeste Sterling, I can assist you and your family as you continue the exciting process of collecting heirlooms for your children and grandchildren.

 ~Celeste Kahn


Celeste Sterling specializes in bridal silver, estate silver flatware, pattern matching, inventory is always changing. Please contact us to inquire about particular patterns. 




Francis I by
Reed and Barton
French Provincial by Towle

French Renaissance by Reed and Barton
Grande Baroque by Wallace

Grande Regency by International
Joan of Arc by International
King by Kirk
King Edward by Gorham
King Richard by Towle
Meadow Rose by Wallace
Old English Tipt by Gorham
Old French by Gorham
Old Maryland Engraved by Kirk Stieff
Old Mirror by Towle
Orchid by International
Melrose by Gorham
Modern Victorian by Lunt
Old Master by Towle
Old Virginia by Reed and Barton
Pointed Antique by Reed and Barton
Prelude by International
Prince Eugene by Alvin
Raleigh by Alvin
Repousse by Kirk Stieff
Rose Point by Wallace
Savannah by Reed and Barton
Sir Christopher by Wallace
Spanish Baroque by Reed and Barton
1810 by International,Burgundy by Reed and Barton
Buttercup by Gorham
Candlelight by Towle
Chantilly by Gorham
Fairfax by Gorham
Spanish Provincial by Towle
Stieff Rose by Kirk Stieff
Strasbourg by Gorham
Tara by Reed and Barton
Tipped by Wallace
Virginia Carvel by Towle
Wedgwood by International